Dr. Michael Chesner

Keep it simple, stupid.” That’s what I remember from my fist lesson with Jeff three years ago. We have been progressively building better golf swings on an increasingly sound foundation. Jeff tailors the lesson to an individual’s tendencies and ability. Three of my friends have also been under Jeff’s tutelage. Each of us has greatly improved our golf swings and course management, yet each of us is being instructed uniquely. SIMPLE.

Vicky Loweree

Over the last two seasons, Jeff’s exceptional instruction has brought out the best in me. As a result of his optimism and incredible ability to break down the fundamentals of golf for a novice, I continue to raise the level of my play each week! I have actually superseded what I thought was possible in my golf game thanks to Jeff! He is truly a master golf instructor, and better yet, a really good person.


Jeff has greatly improved my golf game, which was previously non-existent. Learning something new can always be scary and when I came to Jeff I was a complete beginner. Through his excellent teaching and communication skills I was able to feel comfortable with golf's environment immediately. He is very patient and really encouraging. Because of his lessons I am able to be play and enjoy golf on a weekly basis. It's even helped me with my work during company golf outings. Jeff is just the best!

Ross Kleinrock

I’ve been taking lessons from Jeff for over 5 years now, since I was a teenager, and I can’t say enough good things about him. Most importantly he’s a great guy, super chill, and a lot of fun to hangout with and learn from. When it comes to golf, he’s the best instructor I’ve ever had. The thing I like most about Jeff’s teaching style is that he doesn’t try to change who you are as a golfer. I’ve gotten lessons from other people who have tried to reconstruct my swing, from top to bottom. They literally take it apart and work with all sorts of tools and drills to try and achieve a “textbook" desired swing. By the time you leave, you haven’t even taken a full golf swing, and you’re 10x more screwed up than when you went in. With Jeff, you come in, he watches you take 10+ swings, makes one or two minor changes, and has you take your normal swing just keeping those couple things in mind. He also utilizes a nifty iPad app to let you see yourself and your swing plane, comparing your latest swing to your previous swings, or even pro golfer's swings. Jeff caters the lesson to your strengths, and you walk away hitting the ball better than when you came in, every time.