Breaking Down the Triangle

The Golf Triangle

The golf swing can be broken down into three major fundamentals.  I call it the golf triangle.  Each point on the triangle shares a line with the other creating continuity among them.  What are the points that make up the golf triangle?  The Grip, The Set Up, & Ball Position.  Each one of these points are of equal importance.  

Once a golfer learns these three fundamentals they can then begin the process of allowing their natural ability and their swing to be created.  This is where my teaching and experience come into play!  My job is to help you find "Your Unique Swing."


Dr. Michael Chesner

Long Time Golfer

Keep it simple, stupid.” That’s what I remember from my fist lesson with Jeff three years ago. We have been progressively building better golf swings on an increasingly sound foundation. Jeff tailors the lesson to an individual’s tendencies and ability. Three of my friends have also been under Jeff’s tutelage. Each of us has greatly improved our golf swings and course management, yet each of us is being instructed uniquely. SIMPLE.